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Various facilities can be found throughout the Pokémon world such as Pokémon Centers, PokéMarts, and Gyms. Pokémon Centers will heal a player's Pokémon for free, and they house PCs where players can organize their collection of Pokémon, store and withdraw items, and have their Pokédex rated. Here, players can also link up with other game cartridges or cards to battle or trade (the woman the player can talk to that is found on the same floor as the nurse, but ever since Gold and Silver,a second floor was added to all Pokémon Centers just for this purpose, with the floor removed in X and Y due to the addition of the "Player Search System"). PokéMarts are shops where players can buy items with the money they win during battles; certain cities may have specialized shops, like a pharmacy or a department store. Periodically, a town will contain a Pokémon Gym, which houses a powerful trainer known as a Gym Leader. Victory against him/her grants the player a Gym Badge and typically advances the plot. After collecting eight Gym Badges, the player may challenge the region's Elite Four and Champion; defeating the Champion finishes the main story. Gyms are non-existent in the latest games, instead they are replaced by trial captains, who give out a special Z-crystal when defeated. Defeating all trial captains allow the player to challenge the Elite Four, as per usual.